Weekly Worship 7.24.16

July 22, 2016 | Kyle Kicker | Worship

This week we will sing a song called “Holy Spirit.” Jesus calls the the Holy Spirit “the Helper” and says that he will guide us all in the truth. Jesus also says that it is to our advantage that the he leave and the Holy Spirit come be with us on earth. Through Jesus’ words we can see that the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives is incredibly important. It is my prayer that we as a church would welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit and that we would seek his guidance continually.

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Weekly Worship 7.17.16

July 14, 2016 | Kyle Kicker | Worship

Many times during the week I am asked “Hey, how are you doing?” And too often my answer is “I’m busy…good, but busy.” I think most of us would agree that life is usually busy. We have work, school, more work, family, friends…the list goes on and at times our list of responsibilities may seem endless. We end up being pulled in all directions and stretching our attention and focus incredibly thin.

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Weekly Worship 6.26.16

June 23, 2016 | Kyle Kicker | Worship

Every week we gather on Sunday morning as the church, the body of Christ. I love spending time with our church family. It is a highlight of my week and I very much look forward to it. And though it is a fun and enjoyable time that we may have together it is much more than just a social gathering. It is a gathering with purpose. God calls us together to give him glory and honor.

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God’s Waiting Roon

May 17, 2016 | Laura Demers | Adults | Women's Ministry

Waiting is never easy, but God says it is best for us. It is in His waiting room that He draws us closer to Himself and teaches us to rely on His goodness. We learn more about the character and faithfulness of God while we wait, perhaps more than any other time. TD Jakes said, “I was working on the destination, but He was working on me and made me wait.”

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No Capes!

December 29, 2015 | Ben Schenck | Adults | Small Groups

If you’re like me and the rest of America, you love a good superhero. Humans who look like they are chiseled out of stone, who perform superhuman feats of strength and speed, and can walk around in public fully clad in spandex without mentally scarring small children. These characters are awe-inspiring with their determination, tenacity, and resolve in the face of adversity. We love them because deep within them, they can pull themselves up by sheer will and determination to accomplish a goal single handedly. These superheroes who appear as Lone Rangers have been inspiring and fascinating America for years. Unfortunately it’s this same mentality that is killing the church.

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