DNA Groups exist to help one another to discover the truths of Scripture with our heads, nurture the truths of the gospel in our hearts, and faithfully act on what the Spirit calls us to do with our hands.

Below are guides and handouts developed to help equip our DNA groups to be more effective in shepherding and caring for one another.

What are DNA Groups?

Starting a DNA Group

Step 1: Sign up to Start at DNA Group

If you are interested in starting a DNA Group, please fill out the sign-up form. We will get in contact to provide support and help you as you begin your group.

Step 2: Pray For God to Lead You In Whom to Ask

Spend the next 2-4 weeks in daily prayer to God asking Him who He would like you to take through this journey. Never underestimate the importance of taking time to seek God’s direction – you want God in the middle of this process right from the start.

Download and read the DNA Field Guide.

Step 3: Start Inviting People God Leads You To Ask

Note: Not everyone will participate in your group and you need to be OK with that! It is always a bad idea to accept the burden of convincing someone to make a commitment to a discipleship group.

Sample script: “God has prompted me to lead a 6 month DNA small group experience that helps people make significant strides in their spiritual growth. I have been praying for several weeks as to who I should invite into this experience and your name keeps coming up. Is this something that would interest you?”

If the answer is no: Then that is ok, let them know if they want to talk about it later that is great.

If the answer is yes: Share the basic commitments and an assignment that will help them decide.

The basic commitments:
  • Weekly huddles for six months
  • Daily bible reading & bi-weekly journaling
  • Reading 1 chapter of Multiply each week
  • Bible verse memorization
  • Volunteering in a ministry

Step 4: Schedule DNA Introduction Meeting

Once you have talked with and invited the people God led you to ask, schedule the DNA Introduction Meeting where you will review the following information:

Step 5: Begin DNA Meetings

Once you have completed your Introduction Meeting, schedule the next six months worth of meetings. You are encouraged to schedule each week's meeting at the same time and on the same day of the week to ensure members are able to meet. Ensure each member has printed out a copy of the DNA Meeting Guide and brings it each week.

DNA Materials

DNA Field Guide

DNA Meeting Guide

Multiply Reading Plan

DNA Covenant

Weekly Guides

Introduction Week
Week 1: What is a Disciple?
Week 2: The Command to Make Disciples
Week 3: The Heart of a Disciple Maker
Week 4: Life in the Church
Week 5: The Local Church
Week 6: The Global Church
Week 7: Why Study the Bible
Week 8: Studying the Bible Prayerfully and Obediently
Week 9: Studying Logically
Week 10: Creation
Week 11: The Fall
Week 12: God's Covenant with Abraham
Week 13: Exodus & Redemption
Week 14: God’s Covenant with Moses
Week 15: Sacrifice and Atonement
Week 16: God's Presence on Earth
Week 17: The Kingdom of God
Week 18: Exile and the Promise of Restoration
Week 19: Jesus the Messiah
Week 20: The Great Commission
Week 21: The Spirit of God
Week 22: The Early Church
Week 23: Good News for All Nations