We have made the process of joining small groups simple for people by creating GroupLink, a 60-minute event held before each small group cycle that provides people with a brief experience of what "group life” is like, as well as an opportunity to get connected to a new group that fits your stage of life.

We believe that GroupLink continues to be the most effective way to connect people into long-term community, because group seekers have the opportunity to choose the groups that are best for them by meeting leaders and other potential members in person.

What is GroupLink?

Our next GroupLink events will happen on August 27 and September 3. Registration is now open.

When you register to attend GroupLink, we’ll match you with an initial group comprised of people who have similar group preferences. If the logistics of this group work for you, great! If they don’t work for you, volunteers will help you find a different group. We don't assign you to a group. You come to GroupLink to meet others and decide which group you would like to join.