Kids babies through fifth grade can experience safe and fun environments where the Bible is taught in a creative way. Kids can join the fun every Sunday at 11:15 AM for KidStreet Live and experience a world where they meet Jesus on their level. On Wednesdays we offer The Gospel Project For Kids during the school year and Summer Fun when school is out. Our desire is for KidStreet to be your child's favorite part of their week!

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KidStreet Next Steps

Every child has a Next Step for their life. Whether it is to connect to the God of the universe through a personal relationship with Jesus or start inviting their friends to church, we believe that every child has a step they can take toward Jesus.

We want to help you as you lead your child through their next steps!

The first and most important step that your child can take is to begin a relationship with Jesus. Jesus wants to be in your child’s life. He is waiting for your child to invite Him into your child’s life. If you child takes this step we would love to celebrate with you so let us know.

If you would like help talking with your child about salvation, click here

Baptism is the next step after salvation. It is a picture of the work Jesus has done in our lives. He died for our sins, was buried, and rose again. By being baptized, you child will have a chance to tell others that they follow Jesus and want to obey Him. Let us know if your child is ready for that next step. We will help to make that happen.

If you would like help talking with your child about Baptism, click here

After inviting Christ to be their savior and being baptized, the next step your child should take is to grow. The Bible tells us that “Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52). We are to follow Jesus’ example and grow in every area of our life. Two practical ways for your child to grow is to pray and to read God’s Word.

If you would like help talking with your child about how they can grow, click here

The last thing that Jesus tells His disciples to do before He left earth was to tell others about Him. Sharing their faith is an important step that you child can take in their walk with God. Encourage your kids to invite their friends to church with them.

No one is ever too young to volunteer. There are many ways that your child can get involved in volunteering in KidStreet. We are on purpose to involve kids in serving. We believe they have something to offer the church even while they are young.

At KidStreet, we believe that God has given us everything that we have. Because of this, we know that it is important to give back to God. Each week at KidStreet, we take time to give back to God a portion of what He has given to us.

Volunteer at KidStreet

If you are interested in volunteering at KidStreet or would just like to start a conversation about volunteering, please fill out this form and we will contact you. We would love for you to "Test Drive" a volunteer team.

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