As the Church, we love to gather together on Sunday mornings to celebrate God’s goodness. But we think the best way to connect with others and grow in our faith is in smaller groups of people outside of the larger church gathering. In a Small Group, people meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth through the Gospel (the good news of Jesus), Community (meaningful relationships), and Mission (making a difference in our world).

Why Small Groups?

How Do I Join a Small Group?
Our Small Groups gather in 10-week trimesters throughout the year (winter, spring, fall). Prior to each trimester, we hold a GroupLink event. GroupLink provides people a brief experience of what "group life” is like, as well as an opportunity to get connected to a new group that fits your stage of life.

What Are DNA Groups?
For those who want to go a step further in their spiritual growth, we also have DNA Groups. A DNA Group is a subset of the Small Group, generally comprised of 3-4 people of the same gender. These groups meet regularly to study the Bible and to help each other live in light of what they are studying.

Would you like to know more about joining, hosting, or leading a Group?

Small Group Stories